Affiliate Disclosure

MIDMODMOOD is a platform that mainly generates revenue by affiliate marketing and advertising.

Who runs the site

MIDMIDMOOD is owned and operated by UNDRCVR BROTHERS LLC.

How affiliate marketing works

When you make a purchase as a direct result of clicking on a link at MIDMODMOOD, we may receive a small commission.
The level of commission varies depending on the brand partner but generally it’s a few percent of the price of the item you purchase and doesn’t affect the price you pay in any way.


From time to time we may publish small articles about our brand partners concerning promotions, offers, new products and so on. The links in these articles may also contain affiliate links and if they do, we will mark this clearly at the top of each article.

Thank you, a lot!

It takes a lot of time and money to run a platform like MIDMODMOOD so it’s in part thanks to affiliate marketing that it can be operated to a high standard and is free for everyone to use.

The money we make from affiliate marketing costs you nothing but keeps us online, so thank you for your continued support!